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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> after ravaging the caribbean, hurricane irma is taking a swipe at cuba. next stop florida. >> that's where hundreds of thousands of people are getting out in what may be the largest evacuation in that state's
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history. >> looking deceptively calm in the hours before this ferocious storm arrives. >> the national weather service tweeted a stark warning to people who live in the fllthral keys tonight saying please if you live in the keys time is running out. >> you still have time to evacuate. irma is a life threatening storm. the storm's current intensity. >> it is now stronger. back to a category 5 status. it doesn't get any stronger than this. take a look at this monster storm. it did make land fall in northern cuba. as you take a look at a closer image of the eye you can see it moving over land. it is expected to continued to dump some rain over cuba along with the storm surge. the biggest threat as it targets florida is going to be 8 to 12 foot storm surge and pouring rain. just imagine the wind pushing a wall of water right on to the coast line there.
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low lying area there's going to be flooding. hurricane jose is a category 4 now so that is getting stronger. still eyeing the leeward islands and hurricane katia is a cat 1 just made land fall in mexico. irma the biggest threat to florida, category 5, packing maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour. by tomorrow evening, 8:00 p.m. east coast time it is expected to be near the southern edge of florida as category 4 making land fall saturday evening and it's a little more west than previous models but keep in mind that course, that path can change west, east at any point. it's going to continue to weaken as it moves through. rainfall totals 10 to 20 inches possible and when you check out what's left of hurricane jose it's a strong storm, category 4.
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category 1 katia, 75 miles per hour winds. land slides and flooding in that region. >> thank you so much. abc 7 news was at mauft field as they deployed to fll fll to help with hurricane irma rescue efforts. most of the unit just returned from texas after they saved more than 100 lives. for the second week they're at the air field watching daddy deploy. >> overwhelming at times but we're also very proud of him. >> erick valdez has been a member of the air national guard for 18 years. he's been home for less than a week. just returning from houston saturday. his unit will stay in florida as long as it's needed. >> right now all flights to and from miami and fort lauderdale have been canceled due to
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hurricane irma. >> reporter: american airlines flight 3076 from miami to sfo was one of the last to leave the region. san francisco was the last major city they could come to. >> it was so loud. i mean new york, boston, atlanta. >> tina gonzales will now stay with her son in windsor in sonoma county. >> my son, he wouldn't have it that i would stay so i decided to listen to her and i'm glad i did. >> laura dankal and her son will wait out the hurricane in a san francisco hotel. >> people have gone. >> reporter: there are no flights coming in or out of the airports in southern florida. according to austin bar thaul
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mew of tampa some of the highways were chaotic. >> more cars on the roads than usual. everyone's mad and wanting to get out. the interstate's locked up. >> reporter: he's staying with his father in napa. moss also here on a business trip was forced to make changes. >> we're extending our stay because of the second hurricane, jose and the one behind that. so we're here for at least 10 days. >> reporter: she says she did what she could to secure her house. a spokesperson for american airlines said we're not leaving a single aircraft in south florida. lean melend ez, abc 7 news. well, the storm killed at least 20 people in the caribbean and creating serious concern on the impact it could have on florida. >> along florida's east coast live with the it latest.
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marcy. >> reporter: everyon in the evacuation zones are being urged to leave now with the governor warning this could be the worst storm to ever hit this state. tonight an urgent message as hurricane irma moves ominously towards the florida keys, threatening to make land fall as a dangerous category 5 storm. the national weather service tweeting this is as real as it gets. nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. the last shuttle buses leaving town, joining the thousands of other vehicles heading north. traffic jams for state wide for miles. fuel running out nearly 1/3 of gas stations with 5 million people in florida asked to evacuate. >> it's worse now than they were thinking it might be last night. >> reporter: miami international suspending all flights. those who crowded in hoping to snag a last minute ticket taken
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to shelters. >> it's been awful. we haven't slept. >> reporter: long lines today at the shelters. at least five already attica pasty. the seriousness of the storm sinking in. >> people are in a panic because we have nothing in stock. >> reporter: all of the sunshine state bracing for the monster storm. >> the storm is wider than our natire state. it's expect toed to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast. >> evacuation orders are also now in place for parts of georgia and south carolina. marcy gonzales, abc 7 news. >> good luck there. we look forward to your reporting on a very difficult next few days. you can do something very simple. the athletics will host the houston astros for four games starting tonight. and the it a's will donate $1
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for every ticket sold to help the american red cross in the houston area. >> we're part of a larger mlb family and it's important to support each other and as we feel like we have a commitment and a responsibility and a duty to help give back to others. >> the a's host a double header beginning at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. the two meet again 1:00 on sunday. now as florida deals with irma this weekend you can track the latest through the abc 7 news app and remember to enable the push alerts. you'll get the latest information and news sent right to your smart phone. the most powerful earthquake to hit mexico in a centuries woke people in the middle of the night, leaving many running into the streets. >> it lasted like more than 30
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seconds and it was hard. it was very hard. alarms, car alarms started to sound. >> reporter: the shaking in mexico has left many in the bay area wondering are we ready for the big one. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: buildings levelled. the death toll still on the rise. southern mexicans dealing with the aftermath of a powerful quak dozens of people have died but scientists say that number could have been much worse had had it not been for mexico's early warning system. seismologists at the usgs as well as uc berkeley are working together to get one for california. >> we're hopeful its use is going to become much more widespread as the system is tested more thoroughly and there's more confidence in its every day use.
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>> reporter: nearly 650 miles away from the quake's epicenter, buildings quaked. >> this shows you the extent of different levels of shaking produced by this event. >> reporter: they say you should keep an emergency kit inside your vehicle pack would the essentials as well as back ups of your medications just in case a natural disaster hits. >> toiletries, a blanket for each family member and if you have children or pets, you need prepare special items for them for their comfort. >> reporter: prepare now to save yourself a whole lot of trouble later on. >> reporter: they'll produce smaller earthquake, higher 6s, low 7s. those will still be damaging. >> well, mexico, texas, florida, there are a lot of natural disasters right now and one east
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bay trucks will looev on the
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weelkd if you have supplies to donate they say bring them in next weeking for the next round bound for irma. the challenge with the mexico earthquake will be to ship more orthopedic supplies, walkers and wheelchairs. abc 7 news. >> one expert calls the equifax hack the irma of data breaches. >> what we can all do about it to protect ourselves. >> why one road going in woebt be ready for a long,
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the massive equifax data breach has millions of consumers on edge. 143 million of us were hacked. >> and nearly everyone is wondering if thafr vital information got into the wrong hands and are you giving up your right to sue? >> the numbers are staggering. hackers stole the most personal sensitive information of 143 million u.s. citizens. nearly half the country. >> that's most u.s. adults. most people with credit reports. >> reporter: consumer actions says it's also more serious because thieves got ienough information to duplicate a person's identity. social security numbers,
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birthdates, address histories. >> everything has been put together for identity thieves to exploit this information. >> reporter: equifax -- anyone can sign up for free credit ou r right to join alass a and forcing arbitration instead. he says that clause only applies to the credit monitoring, not the data breach. >> signing up doesn't mean you give up your right to sue for the breach, but it does mean you give up your right to sue for anything in the future. >> reporter: equifax can still try to invoke that no lawsuit clause. >> anyone who clicks through what equifax provides, runs the risk -- >> reporter: equifax did make a last minute change saying the class a waver applies to the credit monitoring and not the
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cyber security incident. however, bank fraud expert says credit monitoring needs to continue long into the future. >> in my experience you will see these -- you will see fraud showing up years later. >> it's not information you gave to equifax. they collected this information on you, me, on almost all americans to create these credit scores. so you couldn't escape this. >> some say freezing your credit is a best way to stop a credit thief. but even that won't stop criminals from creating another version of you. as always keep vigil for any accounts. i the southern access to big sur will stay open for another year. the slide at mud creek has cut off most of the coastal community. they hope to build over the slide and get the highway
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reopened by late summer of next year. these photos show the enormity of the slide on may 20th. more than 500 cubic yards of rock and dirt slid on the roadway and inhto the ocean. >> it is friday afterall. meteorologist has the forecast. >> we're going to take a look at live doppler 7 right now and i am tracking fog, not just near the coast but pushing in over parts of the bay. visibility is lower. down to 3 miles in half moon bay. earlier this afternoon we were seeing the last of the moisture coming through inhto the sierra nevada. right now we're going to take a live picture. you're looking at foggy view of 80. temperatures right now 60s, oakland. san francisco -- san jose you're about the same temperature. same thing for santa rosa.
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right now concord is our warmest spot. inland at 72 degrees. so when you take a look at this picture, this is sort of how your weekend is going to start out but if you're inland you should begin the day with clear skies. bay bridge due to the fog is barely visible at the top of the tower. fog near the coast and bay, weekend warm up which means hot sunday. hour by hour we go 11:00 tonight, foggy at the coastline and it's in over parts of the bay for the early morning hours. in the afternoon it will pull away. there will be a few lingering patches of fog but overall those temperatures will rise a few more degrees over today's highs and we'll continue that warming trend sunday. mid50s to the low 60s. certainly cooler and certainly not as humid as it has been. it's more along the lines of what we're used to in the bay area. 81 in san jose.
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you're looking at a nice day on the peninsula. 67 in half moon bay. sit tight in spots, fog. 68 in downtown san francisco. north bay extra clouds around lake port. 84 degrees in pet lumau. nuvaudo 87 degrees. bright and sunny in the east bay. 76 oakland. head inland and you'll be seeing low 90s in places like fair field, antioch, liver more. we'll get you to 86 in san ramon. heres rar look at sunday. yes it's going to be heating up. right near the coast. this is the time of year when you do get beach weather. so we're looking at mainly 70s at our beaches. you can check out all the temperature changes plus a look at live doppler 7. the accuweather 7-day forecast mid-60s to low 90s. summer sizzle with 100s inland.
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chance of showers not only monday but tuesday as well. and mainly monday evening. lingering chance on tuesday, cooler weather and that will take us right on through the ladder part of the work week mid-60s to low to mid-80s. i think this is a pretty good deal if you ask me because we're going to get a little bit of something for everyone. heat over the weekend, shower chance early next week and then coolish weather late next week. >> all right. sounds good. thank you so much. >> nothing can stop this couple from tieing the knot from wild fires in the west to hurricane irma, they just could not seem to catch a break.
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well, first one natural disaster, then another. an oregon couple was going to tie the knot near columbia gorge but wild fires broke out, and then they tried to honeymoon in the bahamas but then came hurricane irma. they still intend to say i do. >> since wednesday we've been trying to reschedule honeymoon, flights, hotels, everything and it's just been a mad dash. >> it honestly feels like a practical joke is being played on you. you're waiting for cameras to come out and people to tell you it's not real. >> the couple says they can deal with all this, then, hey, marriage will be no big deal. well, more than $800,000 in grantsz were awarded today as san francisco general hospital. the funds were distributed to the hearts grants program.
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this year that includes the hospital's mobile comfort cares rogram. it helps to bring comfort to patients in their last days or even hours of life. >> this is i think enable us to provide that specialized personal touch care for people going through one of the hardest moments of life. >> since 2004 they've funded nearly 500 grants totaling almost $12 million. >> that's remarkable. hurricane irma continues on a path to florida. also. i am the first person in my family who's about to go to college. >> she may be the first in her family but in her high school class every single senior went to college. today a local example of a push to reinvent high school. and
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this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> hurricane irma she has just become a category 5 storm for a second time. >> killing at least 20 people and it's now battering cuba. irma is expected to hit florida late saturday with wind speeds strong enough to snap trees in half. >> the florida keys are at risk of life threatening inundation. they've threatened people to begin making preparations. the devastation is widespread in the caribbean. buildings, homes, hotels all wiped away. >> and now a category 4 storm could hit some of the same islands within the next two days. abc news reporter is in nassau
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tonight. >> reporter: wind and rain pounding the bahamas tonight. the wind is really starting to pick up and the eye of irma is about 200 miles in that direction. they're bracing themselves. >> reporter: the virgin islands are now dealing with serious flooding. in st. martin trees stripped bare of their leaves. french and dutch military part of an international aid operation. the images almost apocalyptic. at least 20 now dead, one where a shocking 95% of homes now stand, barbuda, his mom evacuating. thousands of americans now stranded. >> i'm doing everything i can to get home. >> reporter: on turks & caicos, colorado native speaking to her
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family just before irma struck. >> rilts eit's all i can do. >> and that was james longley reporting. it's a record breaking storm on many levels. you'll find a video explaining how and why on our website. country artist troy gentry who made up half of the popular duo montgomery gentry was killed this afternoon in a helicopter crash. they say it went down in a wooded area in medford, new jersey. the pilot was also killed. he was due to perform with fellow country star tonight. he was 50 years old. and the country world today lost another legend, don williams passed away. in his four-decade soilo career he took four songs to the top of the charts. he last performed in 2014. he was 78 years old.
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search teams found the wreckage of a team that disappeared on santa rosa. that vanished yesterday. it was found two hourinize to the search. they found pinging and recovered the body of a pilot who was the only one on board. getting to the crash site was challenging. >> we were using chain saws to get into that area both from below and above. and i believe it was the group from above that got to it because it was flatter course. >> the plane took off yesterday afternoon. the search was a challenge because low visibilitvisibility the university of california is suing president trump over his decision to end d.a.c.a. it's the first college in the country to take the president to court over this. >> i'm outraged and outraged on
9:34 pm
behalf of these young people. >> reporter: university of -- she helped create the d.a.c.a. program back when she was secretary of homeland security. now she's fighting to keep it alive. she announced that she and inuc system filed a lawsuit against the trump administration. it challenges them to protect d.a.c.a. >> all the sudden being told in six months you could be subjikt to being deported from united states. just imagine the kind of uncertainty that throws you into. >> reporter: some 4,000 undocumented students. >> it's been a week of grief. students are mad, students are sad, frustrated. but if there wads one word to describe the community, they still find togetherness, love. >> reporter: an attorney and republican national committee woman says the lawsuit brings up all sorts of legal issues.
9:35 pm
>> sure these are all individuals, they have dreams, they have rights but what are those rights? and does the u.c. system have any rights here? >> reporter: she adds all president trump wants to do is return to the status quo. abc 7 news. afrmn a ground breaking effort is taking place with a show. >> entrepreneurs and celebrties are hoeching to change the way america learns and teaches. >> one group of inovators is already getting accolades. >> reporter: summit shasta high school in daly city looks pretty ordinary but what you can't see from the outside is an intense expeer yermnt to create what some call a super school. >> i don't know how to explain it. you feel something different when you come to the school. skblr skblr >> reporter: saerv student works at his or her own space. the secret sauce is in the
9:36 pm
laptop that every student gets free. >> i sign a piece of paper and she gets a laptop and that's it. that's all her books. she can do her homework everywhere. >> reporter: instruction is personalized. students take tests when they feel ready. >> students are really what we call self directed in their work. they essentially learn what they want to do and what they choose to focus on in any particular day or week. >> reporter: summit emphasizes independence but also collaboration with class if i am focusing on group projects. >> students are getting a lot of information outside of my class so they're studying on their own so instead of doing the very basic information, we're doing higher level thinking skills. the program depends on dedicated teachers willing to work long
9:37 pm
hours. >> they help us in anyway possible. >> reporter: each student is assigned a mentor teacher for all four years. >> we have these groups of people who consider themselves like families and we're just really close. >> reporter: summit shasta is one of five bay area schools called summit public schools. they've shown impressive results and most have a lottery to get in. when it graduated its first class last spring every senior was accepted to a four-year college monopoly. >>. >> reporter: they get the same amount of money as other public schools in their districts. last year they won a $10 million prize from the widow of apple founder steve jobs to extend the program. >> we'll probably major in public policy or government of some sort and i want to research
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education after college. >> so many of those young people are on their way. some of those electronic signs above bay area freeways are getting more attention than usual. >> it's all because of the strange message they show. we spend today making cals and
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and now a new message and some don't know exactly what to make of it. they're being spotted all over the bay area and we found out this is actually all over the state. >> laura anthony found out why. >> reporter: motorist matt thorn seen has seen them but not clear
9:42 pm
what they mean. the cal tram signs that now display the message "watch for people walking on all roadways." what's wyour interpretation? >> obviously when you're driving you're being aware but having people on the freeway, it's weird. >> reporter: as it turns out the signs themselves belong to cal transbut the message is from the state office of traffic safety, part of a longer effort to commemorate california pedestrian safety month. nearly 25% of all roadway deaths that year. up from 17% a decade earlier. in 2016 preliminary numbers put pedestrian deaths at just over 900. still these lighted signs send a clear message? >> watch for people walking on
9:43 pm
all roadways. which roadways? the freeways or the off ramps? >> we showed one to glendau dixon and arinda. what does that mean to you? >> i don't know. some little kid got control of the buttons on that sign. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc 7 news. well, meteorologist is standing by with an update on hurricane irma. and a tasty way to spend your weekend.
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this time tomorrow florida will really be bracing for a blow. >> meteorologist sand hya patel. >> i want to take you to satellite radar. so it has slammed cuba, making land fall. as we go in closer, note this is rain bands starting to push towards miami. they're also seeing very gusty winds. it is a category 5 storm on the sanford simpson scale. it will continue to cross cuba. 160 mile-per-hour winds right now. by tomorrow evening category 4
9:48 pm
nearing parts of southern florida and making its way across florida more to the west of an original track and as you notice it falls apart becoming a tropical depression eventually but storm surge, strong wind, heavy rain the biggest threat. the one difference between hurricane harvey and irma. harvey stalled and sat over texas. this one is not going to stall but it is definitely going to be damaging. the moisture in the fog. lingering fog in patches. 60s coasticide, 90s inland. we're going to be seeing the triple digits inland. it's going to be nice and mild tomorrow. on sunday warmer. sunny if your going. and the oakland pride is taking place. warming up to about 89 degrees. accuweather 7-day forecast. the heat is on about just for a day. so some showers may be coming your way before we go to cooler
9:49 pm
than average. >> thanks. if you have a sweet tooth you might want to consider indulging in a san francisco sweet. gir deli chocolate at gear deli square. yowlver a chance to sample the world famous chocolate and a lot more. >> there are samples along beach street with over 35 vendors sampling a variety of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cheese. you'll see it all. >> sounds good. the chocolate festival runs tomorrow and sunday. tickets are available on the giradelli website. the proceeds actually benefit project open hand. >> i might camp out overnight. pier 39 celebrated its 39th anniversary tonight. people are invited to bring their own skates or rent a pair
9:50 pm
and enjoy an evening of fun and music. >> that does look like fun. >> all on the dinner. >> you didn't put on a pair of skates? no, i did not. not since the '70s. but i know you're both fans. nadal is waiting. nadal is waiting. he and former
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> a's hosting the astros in a four-game set and they're dawning $1 towards the hurricane harvey relief effort. houston fans showing their support. 12,288 tickets sold tonight. this one's long gone. two-run shot ties it up at two. bottom five, former a. josh reddick tomahawks that one off jarrell cotton. two runs of his own.
9:54 pm
13 oth of the year. 7-3 astros. bases loaded for marcus simian. are you kidding me? grand slam, his third career slam. we're tied 7 all in the eighth. johnson white sox in chicago. pablo sandoval was 0 for 79. no cheapy here three-run homer. 3-0 g-men. panda drove in four on the night. span deep and gone. his 11th of the year. what's up with all these home runs this year? giants take game one in the battle for the basement. 9-2 your final. >> indians going for their 16th straight win. edwin incar nas yoen. tribe up 3-0 just like that. and struck out seven.
9:55 pm
including former a smith, cleveland wins 5-0. their 16th straight win. longest streak in the majors since the a's won 20 in 2002. all right we're down to the final four. the u.s. open. where south african upset the 12th seed to grab one spot while nadal and potro battle for the other spot. tiger woods in the house rocking the raiders pull over. not much else to do. and on fire in the firs set. catching nadal off guard. and just wore martin down. he seemed to run out of gas as many do against the long strokes of nadal. his 15th straight victory in a grand slam semisince 2009.
9:56 pm
the shanahan era with the niners begins as they host the carolina panthers. the first regular season game always key. preseason games are just a peek under the hood. when the real deal starts, the level of play rises immensely. the expectation and anticipation will be at an all-time high as they can turn things around. >> it's a big game and you're judged off the results every week. but i tried to tell everyone you never can do it on your own and everyone's going into it with you. and if you're feeling that pressure know everyone else there with you has your back. i feel pressure when i feel alone. i try to let the guys know you're not alone in anything you do and we're going through this together. >> meanwhile the expectations are already high for the oakland raiders and their season came to a close when derek carr broke his leg in the playoffs.
9:57 pm
they travel to tennessee to face the titans irtheir season opener. marshawn lynch returning to the game after a year off. what does he have left in the tank? and can jack del rio's defense improve? >> every season's a new year with new opportunities, new story lines. to me we're excited about the work we put in building up to this opportunity to get started and marshawn pafs piece of that. there's several stories out there and at some point we'll start writing those chapters and at the end of the year there will be a book on what it was. >> and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. niners chances and being on the road helps the titans. a lot to look forward to especially with the 49ers. got a lot of new players on that roster and the raiders have already had some good seasons and we're looking for more from
9:58 pm
them than a couple games in the playoffs. you saw what can happen. patriots lose to kansas city. we're tracking hurricane irma of course. it's barrelling towards florida. how the bay area is pitching in. and a health scare. what public health is doing to prevent the spread of hepatitis a. join us over on channel 7. it's the end of an era for a spacecraft beaming dazzling images. >> cuseeny has made its final pass between satellite's rings. they say these are the highest resolution images. >> it left in 2007 and this one from 2013 might be the most memorable. the bright blue dot, that's all
9:59 pm
of us 746 million miles away smiling back from planet earth. kasini will destroy itself next friday by diving into saturn's atmosphere. >> so dramatic. thanks for joining us. >> all of us, we appreciate your time. >> so you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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(low tense music) - [narrator] today on corrupt crimes. a sleepy english village is rocked by the assault and murder of a young woman. - keyworyth is by all accounts a safe suburb. no one could of imagined a heinous crime of this nature happening here.


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